Куршевель 1850 шале

Шале 1992, Куршевель 1850Verified

15 Гостей · 7 Спальные комнаты · 1300 кв. м. · Куршевель 1850 · Франция
Это описание было автоматически переведено с английского и может быть не совсем точным.

Located a few steps from the hotel, this complex of chalets with 19 rooms is distinguished by its wood and stone decor.

Just a stone’s throw from the slopes, with privileged access to the largest ski area in the world, the chalets offer a panoramic view of the snow-covered summit of the Saulire with their warm and intimate atmosphere.

Each corner of these real cocoons, has been meticulously imagined and designed for an intimate gathering with family or friends.

Just like at home, the crackling fire in the fireplace invites you to share moments, where history is written and lived.

It is even possible to go from one chalet to another without having to go outside... a passageway hidden from view links the chalets together.

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Еда и Напитки


The chalet is designed to feel like home. The spaces have been designed with refinement where every detail counts. A dedicated hotel team expertly and discreetly provides personalized service.

The stays are offered on full board plan. The private chef prepares gourmet quality cuisine tailored to guest’s personal tastes and also our 6 Airelles restaurants are included in the formula. To liven up meals, our private chef will concoct custom-made dishes for privileged culinary moments. Six restaurants in the hotel and on the slopes are also included in the experience.

You could enjoy therefore lunch on the slopes and dinners at the chalet as per your convenience.

At the hotel:

Every day, La Table des Airelles turns into a feast worthy of the name. Shellfish and crustaceans, meats cooked in the rotisserie, Italian buffet, sushis, and to finish, the desserts buffet.

PIERO. Marco Garfagnini takes you on a getaway to Italy. The elegance of the restaurant and the refinement of the dishes never cease to amaze.

LE COIN SAVOYARD. With its checkered tablecloths and wood paneling, the guests live a true terroir experience. Raclette, black truffle fondue, Savoyard charcuterie and Génépi are guaranteeing an authentic alpine evening.

BAR & FUMOIR. For a lavish Afternoon Tea or to sip of some of the most exclusive Cognac, Le Bar is a must-visit, with plenty of comfortable sofas and a discreet cigar lounge.

On the slopes for lunch:

LE CHALET DE PIERRES. The Chalet de Pierres serves delicious Savoyard cuisine at the summit of the Verdons slope.

RESTAURANT JAPONAIS AU AMAN LE MÉLÉZIN (for lunch & dinner). The Japanese restaurant is found in the five-star hotel Aman Le Mélézin where chef takes his guests on a trip to through the Japan of his childhood.

LA FOLIE DOUCE FRUITIÈRE. La Folie Douce is a must-do for anyone hoping to get a glimpse of Courchevel’s wild side.

Enjoying a lunch break in the heart of the mountains is a unique experience. The chef carefully prepares the picnic basket for simple pleasures in an enchanting setting.

Surrounded by an impressive collection of the greatest vintages of France and the world, you will taste exceptional wines accompanied by dishes created by Chef Marco Garfagnini.

The following benefits are included in the rates and provide them a unique and exclusive experience :

Dedicated Airelles team of 10 staff member
Leisure activities: snowmobile, dogs sledding, Moon bike, the Airelles horse-drawn carriage
Breakfast, lunch and dinner either at the chalet or into our 6 restaurants at the Hotel Les Airelles and on the slopes
Hot drinks, water and soft drinks at the chalet
Wine selection by our Sommelier at the chalet
Courtesy car with driver in Courchevel 1850
Valets skier Bernard Orcel
Laundry service

Это описание было автоматически переведено с английского и может быть не совсем точным.


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Гости 15
Спальные комнаты 7
Ванные комнаты 7
Жилая площадь 1300

Цены и календарь

Возможно тарифы на новый сезон доступны по запросу.

Свяжитесь с управляющим шале чтобы получить расчёт.

The weekly rates – 7 nights stay minimum - start from 160 000 euros.

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  • - 7 спальных комнаты
  • - SPA зона
  • - Крытый бассейн
  • - Джакузи внутри шале
  • - Сауна
  • - Хаммам
  • - Кинозал
  • - Игровая комната
  • - Бильярд
  • - Бар
  • - Тренажерный зал
  • - Камин
  • - Wi-Fi
  • - Винный погреб
  • - Лыжная комната
  • - Парковка

  • - Личный водитель с автомобилем
  • - Обед
  • - Ужин каждый вечер
  • - Подобранное столовое вино
  • - Чай, кофе и безалкогольные напитки
  • - Консьерж
  • - Личный шеф-повар
  • - Butler service
  • - Горничная
  • - Халаты и тапочки
  • - Постельное бельё и полотенца
  • - Косметика для душа и тела
  • - Ежедневная уборка
  • - Уборка в конце пребывания

Куршевель 1850, Франция

• • •
800-1000 m
Центр Куршевель 1850
400-800 m
Geneva Аэропорт
185 km

The new gem is located in Jardin Alpin district, the most chic area of Courchevel 1850. To reach the ski slopes, you have just to cross the road. The access is from our hotel ski lounge and our ski butlers are pleased to prepare your ski equipment directly on the slope.

Moreover, our chalet has their own courtesy car driven by our valets – chauffeured Rolls Royce at disposal. The city center can be reached in 5 minutes by car.Это описание было автоматически переведено с английского и может быть не совсем точным.

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