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This is without doubt the most spectacular property in Zermatt, if not the Alps. Manhattan style loft set in a wooden chalet in the Swiss Alps; it combines acres of glass, steel, textured concrete and wood in a unique symphony of fusion architecture created by local star designer Heinz Julen. The Loft was Heinz's private home where he hosted many rock-star parties. The sense of space, light and closeness to nature that the Loft provides is unparalleled: there are no barriers between the nature outside and the home space inside - all is fluid and free. On the two sides overlooking the village, the walls consist of floor to ceiling glass, with French windows 6 metres high leading to a large terrace. (There is a white electric exterior curtain that can wrap itself around all that glass if need be). The ceiling is supported by seven columns, while the glass walls have an inset fireplace and three alcoves. The main loft living area has a suspended and illuminated table which can be raised and lowered from coffee table, to dining table, to ceiling height; the latter creating a large party space. In one corner you can play on a baby grand Steinway piano, while in another you can sink into a large sofa and gaze simultaneously at the stunning view over the village and at the crackling fireplace set into the glass wall. Around you: two desks, jack-in-the-box armchairs, a wall of art, and a signature Heinz Julen chandelier. In fact, all the sought-after furniture in the Loft is designed by Heinz. Both levels of the Loft are served by a private lift (elevator).

Цены и Доступность

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Our catered chalets include a very high standard of half-board dining and service including also our daily cleaning. Your pre-arrival chef consultation will ensure that you menu has been tailor made to your meet your preferences and expectations. Our concierge team will ensure that you get the most out of your holiday and will help you select a number of other services (child care, health an beauty treatments, planning your heli-skiing adventures, designing and hosting corporate events, or simply booking your restaurants, ski lessons and transfer arrangements).

Поэтажный план


Апартаменты Heinz Julen Loft
  • 1 Комната
    Двуспальная кровать размера King
  • 2 Комната
    Двуспальная кровать
  • 3 Комната
    Двуспальная кровать

Гости 6

Спальные комнаты 3

Ванные комнаты 3

Жилая площадь 300

Цены и Доступность

Заезд Выезд Дни Без услуг С услугами
30 Nov 07 Dec 2018 7 Сдано Сдано
07 Dec 14 Dec 2018 7 Сдано Сдано
14 Dec 22 Dec 2018 8 Сдано Сдано
22 Dec 30 Dec 2018 8 Сдано Сдано
30 Dec 06 Jan 2019 7 Сдано Сдано
06 Jan 13 Jan 2019 7 Сдано Сдано
13 Jan 20 Jan 2019 7 Сдано Сдано
20 Jan 27 Jan 2019 7 Сдано Сдано
27 Jan 03 Feb 2019 7 Сдано Сдано
03 Feb 10 Feb 2019 7 12,000 CHF 16,000 CHF
10 Feb 17 Feb 2019 7 12,000 CHF 16,000 CHF
17 Feb 24 Feb 2019 7 Сдано Сдано
24 Feb 03 Mar 2019 7 14,000 CHF 17,000 CHF
03 Mar 10 Mar 2019 7 Сдано Сдано
10 Mar 17 Mar 2019 7 Сдано Сдано
17 Mar 24 Mar 2019 7 Сдано Сдано
24 Mar 31 Mar 2019 7 12,000 CHF 16,000 CHF
31 Mar 07 Apr 2019 7 Сдано Сдано
07 Apr 14 Apr 2019 7 Сдано Сдано
14 Apr 21 Apr 2019 7 11,000 CHF 15,000 CHF
21 Apr 28 Apr 2019 7 6,000 CHF
28 Apr 05 Май 2019 7 Сдано Сдано
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  • - 3 спальных комнаты
  • - Сауна
  • - Камин
  • - Лыжная комната
  • - Солнечная терраса
  • - Спутниковое ТВ
  • - Сетерео система
  • - Wi-Fi

Общие удобства

  • - Spa

С услугами

  • - Трансфер на электротакси в день заезда и выезда
  • - Ежедневный завтрак
  • - Полдник с чаем и выпечкой
  • - Канапе на аперетив к ужину
  • - Ужин 6 вечеров из 7
  • - Бесплатный бар
  • - Халат и тапочки
  • - Постельное бельё и полотенца
  • - Косметика для душа и тела
  • - Ежедневная уборка
  • - Уборка после отдыха


400-800 m

Центр Церматт
100-200 m

Zurich Аэропорт
216 km

Very airy in feel, due to the extensive use of glass, the Loft has a unique bird's nest view of the village and the Mischabel mountains. Access is a 2 minute walk from the top of the Omnia Hotel lifts, for which you will have a special key. The village end of the lift delivers you to the heart of Zermatt, in the main street close to the church.

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