Куршевель 1550 шале

Шале Ciuk, Куршевель 1550Verified

10 Гостей · Спальные комнаты · 320 кв. м. · Куршевель 1550 · Франция
Это описание было автоматически переведено с английского и может быть не совсем точным.

Chalet Ciuk is one of the four chalets in the hamlet of La Stelvio. Built in 2020, this new chalet is a real haven of peace in Courchevel Village. The chalet is located a few steps from the center and the Grangettes gondola lift that leads directly to Courchevel 1850.

Built on 5 levels, this sumptuous chalet offers generous volumes and a very spacious living room on the top floor, under the roof structure and offers you a magnificent view of the summits.

Discover a refined atmosphere, with light tones, which comes out harmoniously chic. You will appreciate a sublime ceiling height as well as a magnificent central fireplace around which different spaces are organized. The massive wooden hood will join the roof and gives character to the room.

You will have the pleasure of finding yourself in the large living room where a soothing atmosphere reigns, where the hazelnut-colored wood blends marvelously with the light-colored furniture. You will find yourselves around the fireplace, well installed in the cosy sofas, to have a drink at the end of the day in the company of your loved ones, while admiring the breathtaking view of the snowy valley of Courchevel. After a beautiful day outside, enjoy the sublime swimming pool, illuminated by the magnificent panorama of snow-covered mountains, and appreciate the idyllic, soothing setting dedicated to your well-being.

With its 5 rooms you will be able to welcome family and friends and spend unforgettable moments in this real mountain cocoon.

Ciuk встречает гостей Chaletowners с 05 Jul 2021.

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This chalet is normally sold on a self-catered basis.

Each member of our team has a thorough knowledge of the French Alps. We live and work every day of the year in this environment and we have learned to understand its assets to use and transmit them in every relationship with a guest.

We take pride in the care given to providing services of the highest standards of quality and to the relationships we nurture with our loyal providers.

Это описание было автоматически переведено с английского и может быть не совсем точным.


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    Две односпальных или одна двуспальная кровать
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    Две односпальных или одна двуспальная кровать
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    Две односпальных или одна двуспальная кровать
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    Двуспальная кровать
Гости 10
Спальные комнаты -
Ванные комнаты -
Жилая площадь 320

Цены и календарь

05 Dec-12 Dec 2021€ 8,500
12 Dec-19 Dec 2021Сдано
19 Dec-26 Dec 2021Сдано
26 Dec-02 Jan 2022Сдано
02 Jan-09 Jan 2022Сдано
09 Jan-15 Jan 2022Сдано
15 Jan-22 Jan 2022Сдано
22 Jan-29 Jan 2022Сдано
29 Jan-05 Feb 2022€ 13,500
05 Feb-12 Feb 2022€ 18,500
12 Feb-19 Feb 2022€ 30,500
19 Feb-26 Feb 2022€ 30,500
26 Feb-05 Mar 2022Сдано
05 Mar-12 Mar 2022Стоимость по запросу
12 Mar-19 Mar 2022Сдано
19 Mar-26 Mar 2022€ 13,500
26 Mar-02 Apr 2022Сдано
02 Apr-09 Apr 2022Сдано
09 Apr-16 Apr 2022€ 8,500
16 Apr-23 Apr 2022€ 8,500

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  • - спальных комнаты
  • - SPA зона
  • - Крытый бассейн
  • - Сауна
  • - Бар
  • - Камин
  • - TV
  • - Солнечная терраса
  • - Лыжная комната
  • - Парковка

  • - Ежедневный завтрак
  • - Консьерж
  • - Приветственный набор
  • - Встреча с шампанским
  • - Халаты и тапочки
  • - Постельное бельё и полотенца
  • - Косметика для душа и тела
  • - Ежедневная уборка
  • - Смена постельного белья в середине недели
  • - Уборка в конце пребывания

Куршевель 1550, Франция

• • •
100-200 m
Центр Куршевель 1550
100-200 m
Geneva Аэропорт
180 km

The chalet is located a few steps from the center and the Grangettes gondola lift that leads directly to Courchevel 1850.

Distance from the center: 150 m
Closest ski slope: Tovets
Distance from the slopes: 200 m
Distance to ski school: 300 m
Closest ski lift: Grangettes
Distance from ski lift: 200 mЭто описание было автоматически переведено с английского и может быть не совсем точным.

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